Carollo: passion for excellence since 1970


Mechanical processing, design, assembly

Carollo is specialised in the production and design of mechanical parts and groups of high complexity and precision for more than 50 years. Our main sectors are food, chemical, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries.

We are able to satisfy even the most demanding customer. Every single manufactured part and every assembled order passes through strict quality controls before customer delivery.

We also carry out entire orders for the production of customised machines and plants, from technical design to assembly.

The key to our international success is precision, attention to detail, punctuality and flexibility. They are our strengths, thanks to which we have been able to stand out and be appreciated worldwide.

Carollo is also continuously working on development of brand new products. We are proud inventors of YGROS: the latest sanitary SPRINGLESS check valve (



People are at the heart of our company: everybody plays an important and precious role, which contributes to our professional internal growth.

In order to reach new ambitious goals, team spirit is essential for us: our group aspires to satisfy every client’s need with concrete results.

Carollo is a company which wants and it is able to acquire from the others. The propensity to export allows us not only to give, but also to receive much by learning from the experiences and markets of other countries with the aim of cultivating a kind of “best practice” to gain the best from the different experiences.